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Kitchen Menu

 from 11.30 a.m. to 9 p.m.

lunch specials wrap 6.90$

wholewheat wrap, zaatar, kale, spinach, cucumber, tomato, mint.

lunch specials dishes 

 + veggies & bread (or rice)

Hummus Plate 7.50$

 gourmet hummus all made from scratch in-house

Balila 7.50$

freshly cooked  in-house chickpeas with our dressing

Folk’s Fool 7.50$

freshly cooked in-house fava beans and our dressing

Green Balila 8.50$

freshly cooked  in-house chickpeas

onions kale, spinach and our dressing

Labneh 8.50$

a Lebanese dip; tangy, thick, creamy yogurt cheese. topped with olive oil

Protebeans 9.50$

freshly cooked in-house chickpeas and fava beans

with onions kale, spinach with our dressing







Hummus Garden

s:5$ r:9.50$

Saj&co mix of Kale-Spinach, onions, chickpeas, tomato, cucumber,

mint, olives, topped with our gourmet hummus.


s:6.50$ r:11.50$

Saj&co mix of Kale-Spinach, onions, fava beans, avocado,

orange, chia/pumpkin/sunflower  seeds feta cheese on the top


hand-crafted artisanal mediterranean
made-to-order healthy natural & all made from scratch

Squashed Avokale

legendary flavourful!! / vegan
s:8$   r:14$

on wholewheat. squash-Kale-Spinach -Zaatar mix,

pickles, onions, tomatoes, guacamole-hummus.

The Great

earthy / vegan

s:7$  r:12$

on organic rye and buckwheat Zaatar, kale, onions,tomatoes,

cucumbers, mint, pomegranate molasses, olives, and hummus.

when greens melt

a metly juicy voyage into deliciouness/ vegetarian
s:10$  r:16$

on organic rye and organic buckwheat natural white cheddar,

onions  Saj&co Kale-Zaatar-Spinach mix,

cucumber, mint, olives, avocado, our guacamole-hummus


legendary flavourful!!

on wholewheat. our famous hallumi cheese

with fresh mint, tomatoes cucumbers, zaatar and olive oil

Greener halloumi

even more flavourful!!

on wholewheat.

hallumi cheese with avocado, fresh mint, tomatoes,

wild cucumbers pickles, hummus, zaatar and olive oil

Green Cow

healthy/dairy free
s:10$  r:16$
on organic rye+buckwheat

Roast beef, Zaatar, green mix (kale-spinach-onions)

tomato, cucumber, pickles, hummus

Hummy Yummy

our classic
s:8$  r:14$

on wholewheat. Naturally aged white cheddar, roast beef,

pomegranate molasses, pickles, fresh mint, tomato, onions, hummus