«Take a moment to observe your surroundings, the space you live in, the sign across the street, even the nameless faces.You realize how the human aspect is in every element of the environment, at the heart of innovation.You realize how the human aspect is in every element of the environment, at the heart of innovation.my approach is to observe, analyze, be inspired. Collaborate and interact with communities and people through their cultures and behavior.Because my focus is human-centered, i achieve innovative perspectives.And do so with ENDLESS passion. By placing the human at the core of every innovation, transforming visions into concrete, functional, engaging design, I  envision, make,and enhance.» 

Through work experience and education in Asia, North America, Africa and the Middle East, I have gained perspectives from diverse places and cultures that have enriched my work as a design design thinker. I have always had a high level of sensitivity for observing things around him; perceiving things differently from others allowed him to bring new ideas to where I worked leading innovation methodologies and brings external observations into working models for innovation.

I did a lot of work creating identities for medium to large scale spaces such as airports / exhibition facilities / hospitals / entertainment hubs / housing development etc. This work specifically involved collaborating with architects, interior architects and urban planning engineers to develop a visual research and architectural identity strategy and guideline. I also designed people-flow (visitors, travellers, etc), strategic flooring design, Space personality based on intuitive wayfinding methodologies, strategizing town identities etc. and signage and wayfinding… I was then awarded a scholarship to continue my research in Tokyo working among a team who developed Media Furniture a project that won the RedDot Award and involved designing, a project that aims at enhancing the relation among family members by embedding technology and furniture to create new experience for modern families in Asia, including Japan and Singapore. My main studies in Japan involved Technology innovation, strategic design thinking, as well as, designing situational experiences. my work also extended on creating a novel way for families to share their stories by making an instant digital collage that will connect family members to their living room. This new way of taking a fragmented image and merging images instantly also acts as a story telling decoration in families’ living rooms. The last few years I have owned and operated a restaurant that offered creative dishes and an interaction experience for customers, it was more of a “a place for interaction where the medium is food”

During my 14 years of professional experience with different design disciplines from design, branding architecture and environment Identity, Media technology and innovation design strategies, to service design and owning a business in the food industry, I have accumulated a great sense for the co-relationship of spaces / places / people / inhabitants / visitors as well as extensive knowledge for innovation design, design thinking, strategic architectural space, service design.

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