Holistic Identity

In brief people in the middle east still think of design as for its esthetic value rather than its function. New visions in design, specially explored in japan, stress on the human factor through developing methodologies based on observation, analysis, making, testing , tinkering and prototyping. It  is a whole new vision in design that combines a multidisciplinary team rather than a team of artists and designers who end up in doing esthetics. Design, I believe, especially in our region, once shifted into a human based one will become more efficient for the community and will serve the people as well as allowing them to discover more talents and explore new opportunities within the same cities they have been living in for a long time. All of this will lead into morphing the community into a auto-evolving auto-productive one, I hope, and will make people appreciate more their values and culture while put themselves on the right track of future making.