Our Story

At Saj&co we strive to inaugurate authenticity manifested by creating experiences to savour with all your senses.

Coming from a traditional Lebanese house, I grew up watching my mom and my grandma creating our daily nutritious meals. The aromas from the kitchen made their way to the living room, where I played with my cars and trains, enriched my taste…

There is never one recipe; every mom has her own secret. However, all moms have the same secret in common – the “Love ingredient”.

After years of traveling, we decided to start here in Vancouver: Saj&co. Our Love with Vancouver, our passion for healthy cooking, and our sincerity to this environment emerged in creating a cuisine of our own for you to enjoy.

Baking on Saj is our method; it is an ancient slow-cooking method that bakes bread on a heated iron dome common in countries of the Levant. Quality flour and water are the only ingredients of our unleavened Saj-wraps. Our ingredients are local and fresh.

Our space is small yet our heart is warm and big enough to receive you all.

Eat, enjoy, relax, chat…do whatever you like. Most of all make yourself at home.

Welcome home!

Malek Anouti